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More Reasons to Love Google

Two fantastic efforts from Google this last week have grabbed our attention. The first is a great piece of tech to showcase the power of Google Docs, and the second has filled us with anticipation…

Google docs has been seeking to showcase what a powerful collaboration tool it is. [This] recent ad attempts to do that, though not perhaps in such a hands-on way as “Docs Demo: Master Edition“. It’s a Google microsite which makes live amendments as users type, adding in the wisdom and flowery words of famous storytellers such as Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky. It’s pretty nifty. [Watch] or [Play].

Elsewhere, Google have partnered with theLondon Science Museum, in what looks to be an enormous installation which will help showcase their Chrome browser. It will link the online and physical worlds in 5 experimental ways, including creating live music from an online Web Lab and other complex machinery which amongst other things, is able to draw users’ avatars in sand. It looks awesome. We can’t wait to see it! [Watch].

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