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Typing on a smartphone can be tough. Predictive text can compensate for some ham-fisted tapping but if we’re honest, it’s still some way off being frustration-free. Samsung’s newest feature on their SIII smartphone answers some questions with its smooth swipe-typing. [Watch @2mins]. Apple’s Siri tries to have us avoid the keyboard altogether, in favour of speech. (But we don’t always want to talk into our phone. It can make us look crazy.)

Google understand the frustrations and have very quietly rolled out a new feature to make life easier when using their search engine on a mobile browser. It has introduced the ability to handwrite across the whole screen with a finger or stylus, without the keyboard at all. It inputs to the search field like normal. It’s pretty nifty. And it’s even better on tablets.

To give it a go, you may have to head to and tick ‘enable’. Of course, it won’t suit everyone or every circumstance, but we think it shows once again, there really is a creative solution to everything.

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