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The Well Toned Old Spice Ensemble

The latest Old Spice creation started popping up on Twitter feeds and Timelines this week, carrying with it an inevitable feeling immediate fame. Teaming up with Vimeo, they have engineered a highly interactive, well considered musical bonanza, continuing their well established online viral reputation in the process.

The 75 second vid shows the Old Spice man play a huge range of instruments by flexing his now famous physique. At the end, users are invited to take control of the man himself, and hit keys on their keyboard to make him play the instruments. The result is something of a mash-up between an old-school internet soundboard (remember this Arnie classic? [Play]) and Apple’s GarageBand. Getting interactive with video has not been uncommon on YouTube, but Vimeo are keen to get in on the act.

What we really love about the campaign is both its ability to stand alone as a viral video, but also its very subtle invitation for users to get creative, by simply giving them the tools to play, record and share their own creation. Facilitate.

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