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For those unfamiliar with the incredible power of 3D audio, we recommend you get familiar. If you’re game, grab some headphones, blindfold yourself and sit back for this mini experience: it’s well worth the effort. [Go].

It’s this promise that’s turned our heads to a cool new concept app, which will leave fans of horror with the sense of unease and intrigue they just love to invite! Coinciding with the release of the new slasher movie The House At The End Of The Street (Sept 21st), a new interactive audio app will be released, echoing the content of the film itself. It follows a killer, who keeps his victims stowed-away in a dark basement to await their destiny. Similarly, the app will require players to escape their fate by using sound clues, and their wits & instinct.

They’ll need to listen out between ominous footsteps, know when to tap, spin and shake the phone for decoys and even scream into the phone on cue, to get attention. It’s a great bit of innovative fun, and we’d love to see more great examples of 3D audio. Tricksy.

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