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The broadcasting industry could be next in line to feel the heat of the smartphone. Of course, many broadcasters have already deployed apps, for their On Demand services or even live TV. But what YouTube has taught us is, we no longer need broadcasters to create and view great content.

The latest works by US Comedians Louis C. K. and Aziz Ansari were released online without a TV network. The comedians extolled the virtues of bypassing unnecessary influence on their work, and being able to control (or offer control) exactly how it is consumed. While we have seen various mobile music apps such as Björk’s Biophilia, we haven’t seen so much video content via apps. Yet. But now, Australian comedy collective The Glue Society’s newest work, (a dark sketch show called Watch With Mother), is being released by tablet app, and they’re delighted with the richer and more engaging experience all round. [Watch]. Indeed, they felt that many traditional TV networks wouldn’t offer the reach that a general digital release does. It makes a lot of sense; independent creators may start to consider their options more broadly.

We think the full impact of the smartphone is still to be felt in many industries. It’s been revolutionary, but there are many more revolutions to come.

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