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Aldo Utilises Instagrams Great Potential

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement this week that Instagram now has 100m users makes it pretty clear the app means serious business. It seems surprising then, that there are still relatively few campaigns using the app to its full potential. Over in Israel though, shoe makers Aldo took the plunge with this fun campaign.

Set up on a street in Tel Aviv, Aldo encouraged passers-by to take a snap of their shoes standing on their welcome mat, and tag it with #aldo, along with their shoe size. On doing so, and ringing a service bell, Aldo wheeled out a brand new pair of shoes to the first 450 people who uploaded a snap. Sensibly, the campaign was filmed as a stunt, generating plenty more online engagement for the brand. [Watch].

Although the logic is slightly confused (one might think it better for participants to be spreading photos of their nice new Aldo shoes rather than their old ones) the campaign speaks volumes for the amount of fun brands can have with the platform. It’s a great canvas.

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