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Ever since a humble IT consultant was first to (accidentally) break the US operation to remove Osama Bin Laden, it’s been ever more clear that normal, on-the-ground folk play a key role in communicating major events in our time. But drawing together their important yet granular insights, hasn’t been easy.

That’s part of the inspiration for CrowdVoice, a new platform seeking to change our understanding of major, people-led events. It brings together myriad sources from Twitter to YouTube and major news providers to create an impartial, centralised hub, covering protests and movements anywhere in the world. It is hoped it will bring a unique perspective on events as they unfold, penned by those most intimately involved or affected by these events. It can also be used by journalists to bring further insights to their writing. The site takes inspiration from Pinterest, and fully encourages debate and comment to balance views. [Watch]

Handheld technologies and social networks have transformed individuals’ ability to give their side to each story, and that process has not finished yet.

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