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Mass market lager, and a drive to improve native stocks of cod in New South Wales may not sound like the most obvious bedfellows. But beer brand Carlton Mid has brought them together with great strategic insight and a clever bit of integrated thinking.

Carp Muster is a campaign to remove the alien carp that have taken over the Burrenddong dam, stifling the native cod. (And to boost sales of the beer). At the heart of the promotion is the insight that 24% of men in NSW fish in their spare time – the same audience that drink the beer and the very workforce needed to fish out the carp. To incentivise, the catcher of a large, tagged fish, The Duke of Burrenddong will be awarded AU$10,000, with AU$100 added every day it remains at large. The brand is also offering a AU$1 discount token for each angler who catches a carp, and will reintroduce a cod for every pack of beer bought off-trade & every third bought in the on trade.

A delightfully lo-fi viral supports a website, with the simple synergy of on-pack promotion – and of course, the experiential (if we can call it that). It’s far more than an afterthought for CSR or a promotional sale; it’s a brilliant strategic campaign to engage its core audience. Bonza. [Watch].

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