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Facebook Documents Lovers

Facebook launched a new feature on its website this week that’s so far had something of a mixed reception: Relationship Pages.

For those people currently listing their relationships, Facebook has taken the liberty of automatically creating a new, shared page for friends to see, collecting and organising a couple’s interactions, photos and more. A profile picture is selected on the couple’s behalf, along with their cover photo (splash image) at the head of the page – though couples can personalise those two features if desired. A dedicated URL Facebook/us allows couples to see their own pages.

Many have not taken too kindly to the move, citing privacy concerns, particularly the lack of choice or opt-out for couples. It’s being called ‘creepy’ and even ‘cringe-worthy’ in some quarters. Others have been more positive, with one relationship expert noting the high number of cases of infidelity and marriage breakdown blamed on Facebook. Like?


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