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Old Spice Take On The Mayans

Remember the name, Dikembe Mutombo. Old Spice have just launched their latest campaign, and it’s a courageous, all-out attempt to save the world.

Kings of viral video, the sweet smelling brand has undertaken a slightly trickier endeavour with its new advergame – but it carries many of the dynamics that have classically made viral content so successful: it’s funny, quirky, contemporary and actually, a little bit weird – but a whole lotta fun! [Go].

The challenge sees our hero Dikembe follow various challenges over the next 4 weeks. Successful gameplay time is converted into real engraving time, which is writing extra years onto the Mayan calendar with a live cam. It’s a job no government on the globe would take on. But luckily for us, we have Old Spice. And Dikembe Mutombo. God speed.

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