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Adidas in America released an interesting case study with Google this week. They’ve showcased their approach to redefine how the role of mobile in retail is understood beyond classic measurement metrics such as responses to ads, and towards a model which integrates an entire consumer journey through to Bricks & Mortar sales.

One of the core challenges was the industry-wide difficulty of linking ad impressions with any subsequent footfall. Yet with some simple data planning, Adidas have been able to hone in on a level of accuracy previously unavailable to them, revealing that 20% of store visits were being driven by mobile. And for Adidas, that meant mobile was affording a 680% ROI. [Watch]

The implications are again, fairly obvious. Armed with the insight this data has given them, Adidas will be able to better develop strategies that optimise consumer journeys and integrate offline and online retail experiences in a way that benefits both the retailer, and the consumer. Mobile is offering an extraordinary opportunity for retailers, and can help marketers to develop great integrated strategy.

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