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2Go – Reaching a New Audience in Africa

Habari Media is one of South Africa’s leading media houses and they have recently added 2Go, a chat based Mobile Social Network to its list of partners. Our Business Consultant, Tracy Kruger attended their launch event in Cape Town and shares her take on the network.

2Go, the mobile social network originally launched in 2007 now has 10 million active users across Africa. 9 million of which are Nigerian with 1.5 being South African. The key to this networks success is its simple service combined with technical expertise. 2Go users receive a cheap and easy way to chat and share photos and it can be used on over 800 handset types. This is of considerable importance as a large percentage of Africans are still using feature phones and can be difficult to reach in such a fragmented market.

So what does this mean for marketers and mobile advertising?

For marketers the value lies in the targeting where campaigns can be segmented by age, gender and location.

2Go’s core audience is 19 to 29 year olds using a wide variety of platforms and operating systems. There are 2 ways to reach this highly sought after market –. Splash Advertisements take over the full phone screen for 5 to 7 seconds and are priced on a CPM basis. Alternatively, advertisers can use Text Advertisements which are sent directly to the user within the app.

2Go will be launching an Android app in the next few weeks and we look forward to seeing a lot more from them shortly.



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