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Heineken’s Bottles Of Bling

Beer makers Heineken have been busy lately. As the culmination of their recent Your Future Bottle social media design competition, they’ll be encouraging visitors to vote for their favourite finalist through an interactive installation at the Milan Design Week. 

And keen to show off their tech prowess, the brewers have also thrown together a fusion of technology to create a batch of illuminating, pulsating bottles which come alive in a party environment. Packed with gyroscopes, wireless technology and LEDs the bottles go wild when a drinker is clinking glasses or having a guzzle, and the cherry on the cake; each bottle can react in time to music or be synced to ‘light show’ with each other. It certainly makes the beer the centre of attention.

You may remember similar fun from cider brand Strongbow, who used their bottle caps to trigger a huge and unpredictable array of entertainment across a bar. Heineken admit there are no plans to distribute the concept more widely. But it’s unlikely we’ve seen the last of these innovations…

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