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The Billion Dollar Global Lottery

An ambitious new online platform launched this week, seeking to become a $1Billion global lottery which will leave one winner and several charities considerably better off.

Called Jaro, the concept platform is inviting people anywhere in the world to compete for the astonishing prize, the funds for which will build up over the coming year. It’s not a lottery in a traditional sense: the concept has game dynamics that give it a strong competitive element making it an interesting, but perhaps slightly overcomplicated, proposition. Players must compete head-to-head, trying to guess an opponent’s carefully arranged number sequence. Entry is a flat rate $10, with each player deciding the proportion of that fee intended for the personal prize fund, and the portion dedicated to their elected charity.

Major charities across the world have rushed to sign up, and the competition will not be complete ’til the one billion dollar prize fund has been reached. We love the ambition and hope it wins plenty of earned media.

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