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android development

The arrival of the Android OS and in particular the recently re-branded Play Store was a game-changer for mobile marketing agencies. While mobile marketing was already a well established business, with sms and mobile web both valuable tools for brands to reach their target audience, the Android operating system opened up all sorts of possibilities.

Suddenly there was a brand new phone operating system that enabled brands to create apps for the next generation of smartphones.  This new OS meant that brands could now regularly engage with their customers on another platform to provide utility, information and fun wherever they might be.

As of February 2012 there are nearly 450,000 available apps on the app store with more than 10 billion app downloads.

M&C Saatchi Mobile has been at the forefront of this mobile marketing revolution, having worked with some of the world’s biggest companies to develop Android applications that enhance brand equity, provide utility, enable commerce or are simply just fun!

Android App Marketing

Our principles run throughout everything we do, be it helping you develop your android app strategy, application UI & UX design or development. These guiding principles help to define the output of each team member and begin at the very start of any Android application project.

User Centred
We create Android applications that are useful, usable and emotional, with the user at the heart.

We make our clients part of our team so assumptions are minimised.

Early and Often
We give you working product in small but frequent chunks so feedback is timely.

Value Driven
We deliver the highest business value features first to maximize your ROI.

About M&C Saatchi Mobile

Inside Mobile was founded way back in 2006 when the market was in its infancy, and exceeding all expectations very quickly, Inside was re-branded as M&C Saatchi Mobile as it became a part of the M&C Saatchi Group in 2010.

M&C Saatchi Mobile is now a global mobile marketing agency with it’s HQ based in London. With offices in New York, LA, Sydney, Cape Town and Johannesburg they are at the forefront of new mobile technology. Developing and growing as the industry enlarges and worldwide total ad spend for mobile rockets. The expertise it has accumulated from the very inception, whether in media, production or consultancy is enviable, and with M&C Saatchi’s vast history and reputation behind it, no other company is better positioned internationally.

The personnel at the company have an accumulated intricate knowledge of the fast-growing and increasingly complex mobile marketplace – and with bases all over the world they understand that campaigns for regions can differ wildly across the globe. It’s people are highly experienced at advising the world’s best and most recognisable brands, ensuring clients are always a step ahead of the curve. As mobile advertising grows, you can be certain that M&C Saatchi Mobile will always anticipate what’s coming next, leading where others follow.

Our Core Services:

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