Budweiser’s Red Light Zone

We’ve seen several great examples of of the “internet of things”, and brands have already been getting in on the action. But we’re not sure if we’ve seen an example quite as fun as this, to date.

Over in Canada, Ice Hockey rules. Anyone who has been to Trafalgar Square on Canada Day will know only too well, that passions run deep. Beer brand Budweiser, keen to associate itself with Hockey having lost a legal battle to sponsor to the NHL, was particularly keen to leverage Canadians’ love for the game. And to do this, they picked out an icon of the game: the red flashing siren-light, ubiquitous at rinks across Canada. Acknowledging that a morass of viewers watch the games at home, they had the triumphant idea to install a Wi-Fi enabled Budweiser Red Light in homes, to bring the game directly into living rooms across the country. As the goals fly in, the light automatically goes mad!


Posted February 18, 2013

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