Old Spice Take On The Mayans

Remember the name, Dikembe Mutombo. Old Spice have just launched their latest campaign, and it’s a courageous, all-out attempt to save the world.

Kings of viral video, the sweet smelling brand has undertaken a slightly trickier endeavour with its new advergame – but it carries many of the dynamics that have classically made viral content so successful: it’s funny, quirky, contemporary and actually, a little bit weird – but a whole lotta fun! [Go]. Read More


Googles New Ingress For Gamers

Google have launched an ambitious, cinematic, sci-fi paranoia game on Android that could rekindle some of the initial excitement – and potential – of location based gaming.

Initially invite only, gamers are required to join one of two teams and the plot runs thus: a mysterious new energy force has been discovered, and the world is divided. You’re either a Resister, or Enlightened. Read More



Leading UK supermarket chain Tesco has launched a savvy campaign, partnering with online community Netmums. Recruiting a panel of kids to road test up & coming toys, they’ve produced a series of well executed YouTube videos of the kids giving the next must-have Christmas & birthday presents a whirl. [Watch].

In theory, everybody wins: Tesco get exposure for upcoming products and direct consumer feedback on those products, mums get a valuable insight into what kind of new Read More



Mass market lager, and a drive to improve native stocks of cod in New South Wales may not sound like the most obvious bedfellows. But beer brand Carlton Mid has brought them together with great strategic insight and a clever bit of integrated thinking.

Carp Muster is a campaign to remove the alien carp that have taken over the Burrenddong dam, stifling the native cod. (And to boost sales of the beer). At the heart of the promotion is the insight that 24% of men in NSW fish in their spare time – the same Read More


The Mirror Develops Social Commerce

While newspaper circulations may be dwindling, one thing retaining its value extraordinarily well is their brand equity.

This offers plenty of potential for the publishers to bring new and diverse services to their significant audiences, and venture into new revenue streams. Understanding this, The Mirror has launched a new platform in partnership with BuyaPowa, called Mirror Bargain Power. It will offer Mirror Readers – and anyone else who fancies it – the Read More


Ongoing Battles in Consumer Banking

It’s been a busy period of advertising for retail banks and payment merchants with continued experimentation in digital advertising.

American Express consolidated their reign over social networks and digital points of sale, by accompanying Foursquare checkins at retail sites with offers of £5 purchase cashback – just as users are about to spend. Amex extended their attention to the Xbox platform too, offering gamers incentives to synchronise their account details: [watch]. Barclays Read More


Cancer Research UK Need Our Time

Often, time is a more valuable asset than money. And donating your time can in fact be priceless. Cancer Research UK has taken an interesting and exciting step toward pursuing the fruits of this truth.

Creating a brand new platform Click to Cure, they want people to quite literally take on the role of a Pathologist, by helping to identify trends in images of cells, and categorise them. Cancer Research UK say the cures for Cancer are ‘buried in their data‘, and people Read More


Aldo Utilises Instagrams Great Potential

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement this week that Instagram now has 100m users makes it pretty clear the app means serious business. It seems surprising then, that there are still relatively few campaigns using the app to its full potential. Over in Israel though, shoe makers Aldo took the plunge with this fun campaign.

Set up on a street in Tel Aviv, Aldo encouraged passers-by to take a snap of their shoes standing on their welcome mat, and tag it with #aldo, along with their shoe size. On doing Read More



With social, it’s all about reach, right? Getting the most followers, views, Likes etc? Everyone wants a bit of Gangnam Style Korean rap-dance – or at least piece of its mind-bogglingly successful 300m views… [Watch].

But there is one brand who may not be that impressed by those numbers: Grey Poupon, the purveyors of fine mustard. Indeed, they have been seeking to invert this framing of success with their recent Facebook campaign. Instead of fighting for Facebook ‘Likes’, Read More



Burberry are not the only retail innovators to flex their muscles this week, with Tesco announcing major developments in their own take on the future of shopping.

In a reversal of Burberry’s approach, Tesco are acknowledging the pleasures of a physical supermarket trip – being able to wander up & down aisles and serendipitously happening upon new products – and trying to bring them online. They are getting very close. And because Tesco, like other leading retailers, make their API available to developers Read More