Is the free lunch of social over?

In recent weeks we have spoken about the growth of native advertising and what it means for brands. It also seems that the platforms that host and distribute content are also looking to generate more revenue from native advertising – YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and Snapchat have all made moves towards creating and hosting more content of their own in conjunction with brands.

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Trends & Predictions

2015 Certainties for Digital & Mobile

There are several trends that point to certainties in 2015 – changes that will be integral to the shape of the mobile, and indeed, digital landscape. Here are M&C Saatchi Mobile’s Global CEO James Hilton’s Top 5.

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apple innovate web

Apple Reports Record Profits

Amongst the recent slew of financial reports for technology companies, Apple’s results stood out for good reason: making the most profit of any company, ever. The $18 billion Apple made in profit exceeded expectations, as did the 74 million iPhones sold (34,000 phones every hour, every day, for three months). Along with the 500 million visits to physical and digital stores, Apple had a very good Christmas.

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James Hilton, M&C Saatchi Mobile Global CEO

How will social influence video in 2015?

As we said at the end of last year, video will be a big theme for the coming year, and it seems that not every company is entirely happy to let YouTube continue to dominate the market. While YouTube competitors such as DailyMotion and Vimeo have had limited success, could social platforms change this?

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Mobile will be the most important device for consumers the world over in 2015

As the digital and mobile landscape continues to evolve and shape the way we communicate and connect, it is important to understand what is happening in the market and the effect that emerging technologies have on the rest of the industry. Things are moving quickly and the medium consumers use across different regions can differ greatly.

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How should we think about social in 2015?

Over the past few weeks, there has been some debate on the blogging/social channel Medium, over a post entitled “A Teenager’s View on Social Media”. The post, written by Andrew Watts (an actual teen), has attracted such interest because it is meant to offer an authoritative opinion on how teens actually use social channels. While it is a narrow qualitative view, the post goes some way to confirm what some other commentators and analysts have suspected: that Facebook is not used that much, Instagram is used a lot, Snapchat continues to grow, and not many young people ‘get’ Twitter.

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Drum award

M&C Saatchi Mobile wins The Drum’s Mobile Agency of the Year

In December M&C Saatchi Mobile achieved recognition in both effectiveness and creativity for its world-class mobile marketing campaigns and was crowned The Drum’s Mobile Agency of the Year.

Throughout 2014, the agency has been awarded a raft of prestigious accolades including its founder and global CEO James Hilton being crowned in The Drum’s Mobile Top 50, as the most influential man in mobile.

James Hilton, M&C Saatchi Mobile Global CEO

M&C Saatchi Mobile’s global CEO, James Hilton, tops The Drum’s Mobile Top 50

M&C Saatchi Mobile’s global CEO, James Hilton, has topped this year’s The Drum Mobile Top 50 list, with OMD UK’s head of mobile Milton Elias finishing in second place.

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You have probably heard what happened in Korea this week. It’s been all over the news. When a brand comes out and states it accepts full responsibility, and will pay for the medical bills, something has gone awry.

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If we go to the crux of how Facebook makes its money, the answer is of course its users’ content. (It’s not the opportunity to see the latest adverts making 500 million people visit the site each day).

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