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2015 Certainties for Digital & Mobile

There are several trends that point to certainties in 2015 – changes that will be integral to the shape of the mobile, and indeed, digital landscape. Here are M&C Saatchi Mobile’s Global CEO James Hilton’s Top 5.

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Consumers take tablets to ease Christmas shopping stresses

Data released from M&C Saatchi Mobile shows that over the last six months advertising global spend on tablets has, on average, led to a four times greater conversion rate than mobile handset campaigns. When targeting is introduced in conjunction with creative campaigns, the firm has shown this to lead to conversion rates of up to five-to-six times higher than mobile. When compared to the industry average of two-to-three times, the Read More



With news from struggling electrical retailer Comet of more store closures, the brick & mortar retail landscape seems ever more grim. It’s easy to wonder when the purge will end.

In fact, physical stores, with the many benefits they bring, are a long way from being ‘finished’. Where, how and why they exist is what’s at stake. Online retailers are well aware of the role of physical spaces in a purchase cycle. This week, we learned that online Read More


Aldo Utilises Instagrams Great Potential

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement this week that Instagram now has 100m users makes it pretty clear the app means serious business. It seems surprising then, that there are still relatively few campaigns using the app to its full potential. Over in Israel though, shoe makers Aldo took the plunge with this fun campaign.

Set up on a street in Tel Aviv, Aldo encouraged passers-by to take a snap of their shoes standing on their welcome mat, and tag it with #aldo, along with their shoe size. On doing Read More



If there’s one thing that’s fundamentally changed the way we all shop, it’s the online marketplace. Made famous in the late 90s by eBay, seemingly overnight, consumers were given access to an incredible range of products, were exposed to raw supply & demand pricing, and were of course suddenly given the opportunity to sell their own wares, new or old, to an audience of millions.

Amazon, the savvy internet behemoth, was never far behind eBay, quickly seeing the

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Facebook has taken another step toward becoming, amongst other things, a full on retailer. Their new gifting service is being rolled out in some major US cities, and will be first available on Android devices followed by iOS devices in coming weeks.

Facebook previously had their own virtual gifting service, though withdrew it in 2010. But it was never going to be their last foray into retail. Back in May we covered Facebook’s acquisition of Karma, and this new service is the the manifestation of that Read More

Dropping In: Social Commerce

So, Twitter and Facebook have both had makeovers for their brand pages, Pinterest has marched authoritatively onto the stage, and Google+ is up to 170 million users.

What’s happening in the world of social commerce?

The broader online retail metrics point consistently upward. In the UK, in March 2012, consumers spent a whopping £5.8bn, a 14% rise year on year. M-retail (mobile) has grown 300% year on year – tablets are making a big impact – particularly as a research Read More

Facebook to join the AppStore Party

Facebook hit the headlines with two interesting developments this week. The first was a surprise: users In Britain & America will soon see new profile page functionality allowing them to indicate their wish to be organ donors. It’s a move that could transform healthcare. See what Zuck had to say on that: [Watch].

Facebook then announced they are to launch The App Centre in coming weeks. Concerned about losing out on mobile revenues, the networking giant will be centralising Read More