Consumers take tablets to ease Christmas shopping stresses

Data released from M&C Saatchi Mobile shows that over the last six months advertising global spend on tablets has, on average, led to a four times greater conversion rate than mobile handset campaigns. When targeting is introduced in conjunction with creative campaigns, the firm has shown this to lead to conversion rates of up to five-to-six times higher than mobile. When compared to the industry average of two-to-three times, the Read More


Brands On Mobile: Update

When Deloitte last year reported that 80% of branded apps had been downloaded fewer than 1000 times it made for pretty grim reading – but it wasn’t all that surprising.

More surprising was at the IAB’s Mobile Future Proofing Conference this week we learned that just 37 of the UK’s top 100 brands had mobile optimised sites – something widely understood to be a minimum requirement for all brands. Read More


Ongoing Battles in Consumer Banking

It’s been a busy period of advertising for retail banks and payment merchants with continued experimentation in digital advertising.

American Express consolidated their reign over social networks and digital points of sale, by accompanying Foursquare checkins at retail sites with offers of £5 purchase cashback – just as users are about to spend. Amex extended their attention to the Xbox platform too, offering gamers incentives to synchronise their account details: [watch]. Barclays Read More


Online Video Advertising Clicks

Last issue, we noted some of the brilliant viral content bubbling round the cybersphere. There’s little doubt that the format is now a major channel. Indeed, one recent study suggests 52% of UK Advertisers believe viral content is more effective than TV ads.

Therefore, we can clearly expect to see plenty more brands getting in on the action. This week Windows Tiles Experiment has been winning buzz with its dangerous-looking live gig idea [Watch]. Nissan has been attempting to drum up awareness of its voice-powered Read More



If there’s one thing that’s fundamentally changed the way we all shop, it’s the online marketplace. Made famous in the late 90s by eBay, seemingly overnight, consumers were given access to an incredible range of products, were exposed to raw supply & demand pricing, and were of course suddenly given the opportunity to sell their own wares, new or old, to an audience of millions.

Amazon, the savvy internet behemoth, was never far behind eBay, quickly seeing the

Read More



Fashion Week favourite Burberry tend to make a splash with technology these days. They’re an old company, but they do things new. Heck, even PR releases from Burberry come through their YouTube channel… [Watch].

Their new flagship store launched at the heart of London’s Regent Street recently, and it looks like a pretty impressive retail experience. They’ve gone digital first. It’s a concept store which marries digital and physical worlds by, in no small part, recreating the Read More



Shazam, the UK music recognition startup that has gone on to amass over 250 million users worldwide, has made a major move in its announcement that it will now cover all US TV ads with its super-smart sound recognition app.

It’s a significant development for two reasons. Firstly, Shazam already enjoys a huge following for its music recognition service. Its power was perhaps best evinced by the instant global fame brought to Alex Clare, when his tune Too Close became one of the Read More



You may have heard that it’s been a pretty big week for technology companies. Apple released their hotly anticipated iPhone5, Windows & Nokia got more serious, and Amazon have been steadily ramping up their formidable presence with the release of their Kindle Fire HD tablet. Here’s what you need to know.

First up, the iPhone. According to Apple, it’s “without doubt the very best computer that [they’ve] ever built”. Choice words, perhaps even true, but has it lived up to the hype? Read More


Lufthansa Hot On Mobile

In a smartphone environment where according to Deloitte, 80% of apps are downloaded fewer than 1000 times, it is incredibly important for brands to create apps which resonate well with their audience and offer real utility, in order to get a return on their investment.

Progressive airline Lufthansa have an interesting approach to this, with an ecosystem of apps addressing different users. We liked one of their latest apps released over in Read More


NewEgg Give Kids The Tools

That kids are often more tech-savvy than their parents is a widely accepted phenomena, and a thing of some concern to many parents for some time. Well, now they have a whole new reason to worry!

Over in the US, retailer NewEgg.com, has been looking to leverage ‘back to school’, and has empowered kids to ‘persuade’ their parents to buy them the items they so covet. Using the well honed practice of online ad retargeting, in which users are delivered ads Read More