Trends & Predictions

2015 Certainties for Digital & Mobile

There are several trends that point to certainties in 2015 – changes that will be integral to the shape of the mobile, and indeed, digital landscape. Here are M&C Saatchi Mobile’s Global CEO James Hilton’s Top 5.

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How should we think about social in 2015?

Over the past few weeks, there has been some debate on the blogging/social channel Medium, over a post entitled “A Teenager’s View on Social Media”. The post, written by Andrew Watts (an actual teen), has attracted such interest because it is meant to offer an authoritative opinion on how teens actually use social channels. While it is a narrow qualitative view, the post goes some way to confirm what some other commentators and analysts have suspected: that Facebook is not used that much, Instagram is used a lot, Snapchat continues to grow, and not many young people ‘get’ Twitter.

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Googles New Ingress For Gamers

Google have launched an ambitious, cinematic, sci-fi paranoia game on Android that could rekindle some of the initial excitement – and potential – of location based gaming.

Initially invite only, gamers are required to join one of two teams and the plot runs thus: a mysterious new energy force has been discovered, and the world is divided. You’re either a Resister, or Enlightened. Read More



Last week we popped along to Google’s Creative Sandbox, an industry event showcasing ‘creative genius and digital innovation’, supplemented by talks from some industry leaders. It was great, we’d urge you to check out the dedicated site for plenty of cool and potentially inspiring submissions: [Go].

Google’s Chrome has been busy innovating and creating itself, launching two great projects in as many weeks to show off the power of HTML5. The first, the 100,000 Stars Read More


Apple’s Multicoloured Lightbulbs

When Apple announces it’s moving into a new sector, that’s often enough to send chills down the spines of any incumbent businesses. But their latest move is an interesting partnership with well established electronic manufacturer Philips.

Together, they’ve created a new range of smart lightbulbs called hue, which are designed to be fully controllable from iDevices with an app and WiFi. The bulbs are made with 11 coloured LEDS, giving them versatility, a long life and low power consumption. Each bulb Read More



The common problem with shoes is that, most of them don’t have in-built GPS. How are we supposed to find our way home each day? What if we’re not good with details? Or we don’t have a maps application on our phones…

Well, a UK artist, a shoe maker and a technologist have put their heads together to overcome this industrial-scale oversight, by recreating the very shoe that Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz made famous with the click of her heels. Using in-built GPS and LEDs, Read More



Innovation with TV ads is getting some real heat. We spend more & more time watching TV each year, and the classic ad format is ripe for augmentation. Microsoft’s Kinect device is just one of the many technologies vying to deliver on this.

Microsoft have sold over 67m Kinect units so far, and they recently noted that the device is now more commonly used for music and video consumption, than it is for gaming. It’s pertinent insights such as this, which are leading specialist company Brainient to create Read More



Shazam, the UK music recognition startup that has gone on to amass over 250 million users worldwide, has made a major move in its announcement that it will now cover all US TV ads with its super-smart sound recognition app.

It’s a significant development for two reasons. Firstly, Shazam already enjoys a huge following for its music recognition service. Its power was perhaps best evinced by the instant global fame brought to Alex Clare, when his tune Too Close became one of the Read More



There are few things more annoying, in our modern world, than having to stand at the side of a busy road waiting for a green man. They say a watched pot never boils. Well a watched traffic light never turns green.

We should expect to be entertained in these wasted moments of our lives. So two students in Germany have come up with an ingenious solution to the problem, called StreetPong. Using the actual wait button at the crossing, StreetPong pits pedestrians Read More



You may have heard that it’s been a pretty big week for technology companies. Apple released their hotly anticipated iPhone5, Windows & Nokia got more serious, and Amazon have been steadily ramping up their formidable presence with the release of their Kindle Fire HD tablet. Here’s what you need to know.

First up, the iPhone. According to Apple, it’s “without doubt the very best computer that [they’ve] ever built”. Choice words, perhaps even true, but has it lived up to the hype? Read More