How will social influence video in 2015?

As we said at the end of last year, video will be a big theme for the coming year, and it seems that not every company is entirely happy to let YouTube continue to dominate the market. While YouTube competitors such as DailyMotion and Vimeo have had limited success, could social platforms change this?

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Mobile will be the most important device for consumers the world over in 2015

As the digital and mobile landscape continues to evolve and shape the way we communicate and connect, it is important to understand what is happening in the market and the effect that emerging technologies have on the rest of the industry. Things are moving quickly and the medium consumers use across different regions can differ greatly.

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How should we think about social in 2015?

Over the past few weeks, there has been some debate on the blogging/social channel Medium, over a post entitled “A Teenager’s View on Social Media”. The post, written by Andrew Watts (an actual teen), has attracted such interest because it is meant to offer an authoritative opinion on how teens actually use social channels. While it is a narrow qualitative view, the post goes some way to confirm what some other commentators and analysts have suspected: that Facebook is not used that much, Instagram is used a lot, Snapchat continues to grow, and not many young people ‘get’ Twitter.

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Consumers take tablets to ease Christmas shopping stresses

Data released from M&C Saatchi Mobile shows that over the last six months advertising global spend on tablets has, on average, led to a four times greater conversion rate than mobile handset campaigns. When targeting is introduced in conjunction with creative campaigns, the firm has shown this to lead to conversion rates of up to five-to-six times higher than mobile. When compared to the industry average of two-to-three times, the Read More


Brands On Mobile: Update

When Deloitte last year reported that 80% of branded apps had been downloaded fewer than 1000 times it made for pretty grim reading – but it wasn’t all that surprising.

More surprising was at the IAB’s Mobile Future Proofing Conference this week we learned that just 37 of the UK’s top 100 brands had mobile optimised sites – something widely understood to be a minimum requirement for all brands. Read More


Online Video Advertising Clicks

Last issue, we noted some of the brilliant viral content bubbling round the cybersphere. There’s little doubt that the format is now a major channel. Indeed, one recent study suggests 52% of UK Advertisers believe viral content is more effective than TV ads.

Therefore, we can clearly expect to see plenty more brands getting in on the action. This week Windows Tiles Experiment has been winning buzz with its dangerous-looking live gig idea [Watch]. Nissan has been attempting to drum up awareness of its voice-powered Read More



If there’s one thing that’s fundamentally changed the way we all shop, it’s the online marketplace. Made famous in the late 90s by eBay, seemingly overnight, consumers were given access to an incredible range of products, were exposed to raw supply & demand pricing, and were of course suddenly given the opportunity to sell their own wares, new or old, to an audience of millions.

Amazon, the savvy internet behemoth, was never far behind eBay, quickly seeing the

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The broadcasting industry could be next in line to feel the heat of the smartphone. Of course, many broadcasters have already deployed apps, for their On Demand services or even live TV. But what YouTube has taught us is, we no longer need broadcasters to create and view great content.

The latest works by US Comedians Louis C. K. and Aziz Ansari were released online without a TV network. The comedians extolled the virtues of bypassing unnecessary Read More



On one screen, an alert goes up. A social media storm is brewing out from California and it needs action – fast.

The Command Center team leader jumps in, demands a quick assessment of the potential spread. A socially savvy team member sweeps onto Twitter and starts a friendly conversation with the influencer source. His words have just the right amount of empathy, concern, humility and helpfulness. It’s one of the most crucial job skills a team Read More


Lufthansa Hot On Mobile

In a smartphone environment where according to Deloitte, 80% of apps are downloaded fewer than 1000 times, it is incredibly important for brands to create apps which resonate well with their audience and offer real utility, in order to get a return on their investment.

Progressive airline Lufthansa have an interesting approach to this, with an ecosystem of apps addressing different users. We liked one of their latest apps released over in Read More