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Another Mobile Christmas

Now that the dust has settled and the figures are clear, it is evident that mobile has yet again provided its worth for retailers in the Christmas period. Read More


Could iOS 7 Change the Face of Mobile Advertising?

Since the initial release of the iPhone in 2007, Apple has long since stood back and acted as the tinkerer of the mobile phone industry. While major competitors, in particular Samsung, have consistently offered bigger and better products, Apple has sought to evolve its products than dramatically change them. Read More


Facebook Documents Lovers

Facebook launched a new feature on its website this week that’s so far had something of a mixed reception: Relationship Pages.

For those people currently listing their relationships, Facebook has taken the liberty of automatically creating a new, shared page for friends to see, collecting and organising a couple’s interactions, photos and more. Read More


Ben & Jerry’s Instagram Euphoria

Instagram has just enjoyed its busiest day, clocking upload peaks of 226 images per second during Thanksgiving. Zuckerberg’s $1billion is starting to look like a good investment. And brands are getting more active. This week was the turn of Ben & Jerry’s.

The ice-cream brand already has 124,000 followers on Instagram, and they are being challenged to upload their ‘moments of euphoria’ in whatever shape that takes, and post them with the hashtag #captureeuphoria.

Read More



Leading UK supermarket chain Tesco has launched a savvy campaign, partnering with online community Netmums. Recruiting a panel of kids to road test up & coming toys, they’ve produced a series of well executed YouTube videos of the kids giving the next must-have Christmas & birthday presents a whirl. [Watch].

In theory, everybody wins: Tesco get exposure for upcoming products and direct consumer feedback on those products, mums get a valuable insight into what kind of new Read More



Last week we popped along to Google’s Creative Sandbox, an industry event showcasing ‘creative genius and digital innovation’, supplemented by talks from some industry leaders. It was great, we’d urge you to check out the dedicated site for plenty of cool and potentially inspiring submissions: [Go].

Google’s Chrome has been busy innovating and creating itself, launching two great projects in as many weeks to show off the power of HTML5. The first, the 100,000 Stars Read More



Ever since a humble IT consultant was first to (accidentally) break the US operation to remove Osama Bin Laden, it’s been ever more clear that normal, on-the-ground folk play a key role in communicating major events in our time. But drawing together their important yet granular insights, hasn’t been easy.

That’s part of the inspiration for CrowdVoice, a new platform seeking to change our understanding of major, people-led events. It brings together myriad sources from Read More



With news from struggling electrical retailer Comet of more store closures, the brick & mortar retail landscape seems ever more grim. It’s easy to wonder when the purge will end.

In fact, physical stores, with the many benefits they bring, are a long way from being ‘finished’. Where, how and why they exist is what’s at stake. Online retailers are well aware of the role of physical spaces in a purchase cycle. This week, we learned that online Read More


Jeans Take the Hassle Out of Social

To date, finding a pair of jeans that will update your social networks for you automatically has proven difficult. That’s probably because, there is no demand for them. But it might be because, no manufacturer has the pure vision of Italian denim purveyors Replay. Forget economics, free your mind…

The jeans come equipped with a bluetooth device which transmits data to your smartphone at the click of a button. It links up to an app, which itself links up to your Read More


Apple’s Multicoloured Lightbulbs

When Apple announces it’s moving into a new sector, that’s often enough to send chills down the spines of any incumbent businesses. But their latest move is an interesting partnership with well established electronic manufacturer Philips.

Together, they’ve created a new range of smart lightbulbs called hue, which are designed to be fully controllable from iDevices with an app and WiFi. The bulbs are made with 11 coloured LEDS, giving them versatility, a long life and low power consumption. Each bulb Read More