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Mobile marketing has changed beyond all recognition in the past decade, and particularly with the dawn of fast, reliable mobile data. As mobile technology advances, it only stands to reason that there are specialists in mobile consultancy who have garnered expertise in this field as the sector has expanded, and latterly exploded.

“Consultancy is making somebody understand the opportunities in mobile marketing,” says Chris Steedman, media director at M&C Saatchi Mobile. “In advertising a lot of people are more traditional, and so it’s making people understand what works and what doesn’t work in this modern medium. It’s taking our accumulated knowledge and passing it onto our clients as much as possible, whether it’s basics or advising on what they’ve done in the past and trying to improve it. It’s also to advise on what’s happening next.”

M&C Saatchi Mobile was founded in 2006 just when things were getting interesting, and where advertisers were in the main restricted to SMS before that year, the mobile marketing possibilities suddenly looked limitless as consumers snapped up smartphones in their millions. With the industry still growing and the uptake of new smartphones now outnumbering feature phones, that initial observation still stands true, but even more so moving forwards. As exciting as this all sounds, clients may need advice on everything from which color pallets, pixels and fonts work, to fully integrated campaigns. Then there are regional factors to consider, with uptake of technology differing from country to country.

Consultants will glean information from research companies like Forex, as well as accumulate their own knowledge from prior campaigns and from insider knowledge of countries and their technological habits. With office in London, New York, Paris, LA, Sydney and Cape Town, M&C Saatchi Mobile is better placed than most to be aware of what is required locally.

“I’m working on a campaign in Poland right now,” says Tara Townsend, Media Account Manager, M&C Saatchi Mobile. “The demographic is different to the UK for example. In Poland they use Symbian and Android whereas here it’s IOS and Blackberry, with Android up-and-coming.”

With billions of people soon to carry smartphones on their person for up to 16 hours a day all over the world, the potential opportunities for media marketing and consultancy are mind-boggling.

“Mobile advertising is definitely beyond a niche market now and mobile use is through the roof.” says Tara. “Smartphone penetration is 50% in the UK right now; that means 50% of people are using smartphones and are using apps so it’s a great way to reach people because the usage is so high.

“So if you’re advertising in an app that’s very popular and a lot of people are using it you have a much higher chance of being seen than a newspaper that might not have a massive circulation,” she adds. “So it’s a new area of advertising that’s able to reach a huge amount of people.”

Media Director Q&A

A 60-second interview with Chris Steedman, media director at M&C Saatchi Mobile, with a brief overview of how media marketing works.

What makes M&C Saatchi Mobile different from other agencies?

“M&C Saatchi Mobile is different because it focuses on direct response, where a user performs an action after clicking through on a banner. So we know how to engage users to do that. People see ads but that might be the end of the relationship. We find the best ways to get somebody to actually perform that action and click on the banners we create is by the messages we convey in the ad and how we place those ads. We are specialists in that. We deal with the whole campaign of course, but we very much focus on that aspect, and that’s what makes M&C Saatchi Mobile so effective. Our client spends a pound with us; they want to get back way more than that.”

Mobile marketing is a very new sector, so how can you have garnered so much information in such a short space of time?

“M&C Saatchi Mobile has been there from the very start. We were there before mobile marketing had really begun and there was only SMS. We’ve got experience, we’ve seen the industry grow; we’ve got people here who know online advertising, we’ve got expertise that dates back to the 90s, so that’s very important. You need to be a mobile specialist to do mobile marketing.
“The disciplines of online and mobile are quite similar in some respects – how you buy and how you place – but user behavior is very different and if you don’t understand user behavior then you’re up a proverbial creek without a paddle. For instance, if you are online you can encourage a user to sign up to a service, whereas we know you can’t do that with mobile, given restrictions of the media, like size and time. You’ve only got a short amount of time to gain a user’s attention. We understand that.”

So how do you grab someone’s attention?

“Our creatives are fantastic, and we have a global understanding of how we do mobile advertising. We understand that each market is different. In the UK the biggest selling phone is probably the iPhone, in another market it can be completely different. So we build applications knowing what works in each market. Or say if we’re targeting for iPads or certain handsets then they might not work in other markets.
“Then there are other details to consider. People on overground trains in the UK, commuters will generally spend time with their heads down, they’re not conversing on the phone or with each other. So there’s a lot of mobile phone usage and a lot of opportunity to engage with people, but you go to other parts of Europe, a train in Italy say, and lots of people will be on the phone or talking. So there’s less opportunity to engage people in Italy at that moment than there is here.”

How would that work in, say, Japan?

“In Japan many people work in major cities like Tokyo or Osaka, but fewer people live there. So they travel many miles out of town – and they’ll have their mobile devices with them right through those long journeys, which creates its own opportunities. So it’s understanding your markets.”

So give us an example where you’d try to entice a customer to subscribe to something…

“Say we’ve got a client who sells an authoritative weekly politics and business magazine. It’s a subscription type service, it’s quite highbrow and through online advertising you make sure this placement reflects what your user base is. Because what we want to do is ensure people perform an action after they click on a banner. So if someone sees one of these ads, they click on it and then they sign up to the service, and that could be a service on a mobile or an iPhone. In order to do that we put that on a site or an application where we feel that audience is. So the demographic of the reader could be the Financial Times or in the US it’s the New York Times. It’s about giving them the right moment, giving them the right placement… it could be based on what handset they have.
“An iPad isn’t cheap, so if you want to get a high-end user, someone who’s going to spend money, you’d think the iPad would be the best device to target because you need a bit of cash in order to buy an iPad. So there are a number of ways of targeting a demographic, whether it’s based on the actual placement, if it’s on the New York Times or the Guardian or the FT, or via an actual device.”

About M&C Saatchi Mobile

Inside Mobile was founded way back in 2006 when the market was in its infancy, and exceeding all expectations very quickly, Inside was re-branded as M&C Saatchi Mobile as it became a part of the M&C Saatchi Group in 2010.

M&C Saatchi Mobile is now a global mobile marketing company  with it’s HQ based in London. With offices in New York, LA, Sydney, Cape Town and Johannesburg they are at the forefront of new mobile technology. Developing and growing as the industry enlarges and worldwide total ad spend for mobile rockets. The expertise it has accumulated from the very inception, whether in media, production or consultancy is enviable, and with M&C Saatchi’s vast history and reputation behind it, no other company is better positioned internationally.

The personnel at the company have an accumulated intricate knowledge of the fast-growing and increasingly complex mobile marketplace – and with bases all over the world they understand that campaigns for regions can differ wildly across the globe. It’s people are highly experienced at advising the world’s best and most recognisable brands, ensuring clients are always a step ahead of the curve. As mobile advertising grows, you can be certain that M&C Saatchi Mobile will always anticipate what’s coming next, leading where others follow.

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