Our strategists are unique – mobile specialists who understand multi-channel marketing. They use a combination of research and planning tools as well as our extensive experience to assess the mobile opportunity and provide a clear direction for your business.
Strategy covers two key areas for our clients:

Mobile First – We view a mobile device as a proxy for an individual. There is no more personal device or valuable marketing channel for a brand and we understand the nuances of the mobile consumer intimately and the opportunity. With this in mind we work with brands to conduct detailed audits and develop a mobile first approach that ensures the mobile consumer is considered across every marketing touch point and measured through data.
Mobile & Digital Media – Every media campaign begins with research and strategy – our strategists get under the skin of your brand through desk research and workshops. We interrogate the marketplace looking at your competitors, the region and the technology and dissect your target consumer with extensive consumer insight tools such as TGI, Comscore and Global Web Index.


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