October 2013


Mobile is the unifying device for Chinese consumers. There are over 1.1 billion mobile subscriptions across the country, with 420 million people accessing the Internet from their device. Smartphone penetration is healthy too: latest estimates suggest there are 290 million such devices circulating in the Chinese mobile market.

Growth of mobile devices can only be expected to continue too. In 2012, the number of mobile Internet users grew by 18%, with the value of China’s mobile Internet market growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 102%. Smartphones in particular saw sales increase by 85% in 2012, with similar forecasts expected during 2013. The sheer size of the mobile market in China is also being complemented by consumer behaviour. Latest figures show 72% of mobile Internet users in China go online at least once a day. Streaming music, shopping and gaming are all incredibly popular too, showcasing the advanced behaviours of users.

Consumers are also heavily accessing social networks from their mobile phones too, with 74% of Internet users within China accessing social in this way. It is for these reasons that we believe China is a future hotbed for mobile advertising. We would therefore like to introduce our latest Insight Report, Inside Mobile China, which will look at five key themes:

1. The size of the opportunity
2. Digital consumer behaviour
3. The role of social
4. Technology & innovation
5. Mobile advertising



We have seen the impact mobile is having on African society. It is a gateway which allows consumers to connect on a global level via the Internet.

Yet despite mobile’s importance, it is our belief that Africa has been unfairly stigmatised by negative connotations. To many, the continent remains underdeveloped, too politically and economically diverse, and less technologically advanced than other nations. Brands have remained cautious as to what they can and cannot do in the African market. This trend has transferred to mobile too, where smartphone adoption is presumed to be low and mobile advertising seen as less significant than other media.

We believe that despite some challenges, there are many great opportunities for advertisers to engage with consumers in Africa using mobile. In this first in a series of insight reports, we will focus on dispelling some of the myths surrounding Africa.

1. Africa remains an underdeveloped continent
2. Africans are less technologically advanced than other nations
3. Smartphones are not popular within Africa
4. Mobile advertising is not applicable within Africa
5. Africa is too diverse, meaning it is difficult to target consumers


March 2013

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It’s no longer a question of ‘when’ brands use mobile but ‘how’. Our guide to mobile advertising is absolutely packed full of the latest insight, forming what we see as the 5 key mobile advertising trends in 2013. This is a must read for anyone working in brand marketing or for anyone who wants to gain a deeper insight into where mobile advertising is heading in the coming months.

The guide features a foreword by Maurice Saatchi and addresses the following key areas:

1. The current state of the mobile advertising market – This section provides a context as to the size of the mobile advertising market and how it will grow in the near future.

2. Key developments in mobile and advertising technology – This section looks at the latest technological developments and how they are changing the face of mobile advertising including: tablets, real time bidding, demand side platforms, ad formats, operating systems and more.

3. The changing face of mobile advertising – This section addresses the changing landscape of advertising and how new formats and mediums are being adopted including location-based advertising and the rise of social media.

4. Campaign tracking and measurement – This section examines how concerns over tracking are being addressed including double opt-in, click fraud and privacy.

5. The importance of being local – Brands must be able to effectively execute localised campaigns that have a unique local flavour. This section highlights some key cultural differences across several territories and how these can have an impact upon any brand campaign.